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Content Designer (tech) with background in Integrity means that I can: 

.) Communicate about difficult subjects/ in difficult situations - e.g. telling someone they can't do something or they're breaking the law, e.g. CSAM interventions

.) Ethical/responsible/safe design - e.g. writing content that could be talking to a bad actor, and equally a genuine actor, at the same time, e.g. account 'blocking' experiences

.) Content compliance - working with lawyers to make sure people understand their rights in using a product, e.g. underage ID submission designs

.) Setting design strategy in new/unexplored spaces, e.g. Live Chat for Facebook (designs were featured in mainstream US news)

.) Seeing problems by looking them in terms of wholes and relationships rather than component parts, e.g. auditing entire product area notifications to propose new product security strategy 

.) Other things: I read extremely widely about different subjects to inform my work and I value viewpoint diversity and evaluating ideas on their own merit

  • Communicating about difficult subjects or in difficult situations. This often means telling someone they can't do something or that they're breaking the law (e.g. I have written digital interventions for people exposed to CSAM for example).  

  • Compliance, and making legalese simple to read. I work with lawyers to make sure people understand their rights in using a product (e.g. I have written comms to alert civic actors that they may have fallen victim to digital espionage.)

  • Safe, responsible and accessible design practice. This means it's my job to think about all the unintended consequences and 'edge cases' that might arise from any wording decisions I make (e.g. I have had to consider how everything I write translates in every country in the world).

  • Thinking about solutions to novel design problems, often in pressured environments (e.g. I've worked quickly to adjust designs in the face of legal challenge or technical outage). 

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